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Fondazione Osservatorio Meteorologico Milano Duomo


Who we are

Fondazione Osservatorio Meteorologico Milano Duomo, briefly Fondazione OMD, is a non profit organization established in continuity with the historical activity of the homonymous observatory and the plurisecular meteorological tradition of the Brera Astronomical Observatory.

Fondazione OMD promotes and develops study and research programs in Applied Meteorology and Climatology, with a particular focus on the urban environment and all the activities that take place in it: urban planning and management, public health, energy, building, logistics and everything related to the sustainability of human activities and systems.

What we do

It is evenly important and primary for Fondazione OMD to invest in the awareness and dissemination of a multi-level meteorological culture: from institutions to citizens, through professionals and economic operators. To achieve these goals Fondazione OMD carries out teaching and dissemination activities, aimed at raising the level of knowledge and awareness of climate variability and its impacts, and enhancing the importance of meteorological culture.

Furthermore, Fondazione OMD provides professional weather services and technical and scientific support to individuals, economic operators and public administrations in all activities which are directly or indirectly influenced by meteorology and climate.

Fondazione OMD is involved in several projects, currently focusing on climate monitoring of cities and on the characterization of urban climate and its changes (ClimaMI - updating and redefinition of the Milan area climate). Fondazione OMD is constantly committed to enhance its library (over 3,000 titles including books, magazines and publications) and to carry out teaching and dissemination activities in schools.


beginning of the meteorological observations in Milan



books and issues


years of history

meteo data

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urban meteo stations

Fondazione OMD
network of meteorological stations

Fondazione OMD, since the beginning of this decade, has designed, implemented and managed, its own national network of certified quality urban meteorological stations . 

Day after day, the network produces data that gradually build meteorological time series, related to different sites located throughout the national territory, intended to remain an important asset of the Foundation. The weather stations are hosted by different public and private entities, who Fondazione OMD collaborates with, according to special agreements.

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Fondazione Osservatorio Meteorologico Milano Duomo

Via Guerrazzi 25

20145 Milano

C.F. 97711130159 - P.IVA 09944730960

Tel: + 39 0236524675

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